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5 Rap and R&B Artists We Want to See Here In 2013

Last year Houston saw a wide range of artists from the urban field, including Kendrick Lamar (three times), A$AP Rocky, Drake, Nicki Minaj and more. In another year where performances and live shows may wind up trumping actual music sales, there's a slew of artists who haven't made a visit to H-Town yet (or, in one case, keep getting spooked around).

Here are five urban artists or tours fans would love to see kill a stage or two.

5. Frank Ocean We've seen The Weeknd, we've seen Miguel, and now it's time Houston finally gets the indie darling. No doubts. channelORANGE was arguably the year's best album, and the most overrated (to some). Ocean has been compared to Bob Dylan, way too soon, but his live shows tend to balance between mystifying and outright enjoyable, simply because you're listening to folksy R&B songs while trying your best to ignore pronouns and silly things of that nature.

4. Trinidad Jame$ This is the most buzzworthy artist of the year (so far). James has a page in the Rap Jumbo Coloring Book, which automatically makes him a legend, and a single on urban radio that is arguably the worst-edited version of a song in recent memory. Much like A$AP Rocky in early 2012, any and everyone with a curious nature for brand-new acts wants to see how he performs in this setting. A$AP was beloved. Trinidad? He might have a set the length of an episode of Louie, but everyone knows what they're coming to hear -- "All Gold Everything."

Bonus, have you heard Paul Wall over that track? It's absolutely sublime.

3. Rick Ross Who do we blame for Rick Ross last two scheduled Houston shows happening? Shady promoters? Beliefs of health issues? A scare from the Gangster Disciples? Live Nation? Who knows, but it seems like Houston and Rick Ross don't get along, or keep doing this weird dance where things get cut short before they even get going. Ross did make one 2012 appearance here, during Meek Mill's concert at House of Blues, but fans want the Bawse in full. Or at least to finish out "The MMG Tour" that was proposed and then dropped.

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