5 Rappers Who Can Take Paula Deen's Spot on Food Network

Paula Deen has gotten herself into some down home, southern deep shit. Last week it was exposed that she is okay with using the derogatory n-word and that was just one of the offensive things she said in a deposition. Last Friday she issued a struggle apology video that no one wanted to give a chance.

Deen has lost huge endorsements and Food Network decided not to renew the contract for her cooking show. Here are a few rappers who can take her spot.

5. Trick Daddy Miami's own was first seen cooking on television on an episode of MTV Cribs. America was welcomed into his home as he cooked and introduced some of us to what a conch fritter is. Trick Daddy also filmed a pilot for a cooking show in 2004 for MTV that never happened.

4. Mia X This southern belle hails from New Orleans where almost everything from the kitchen is incredible. No Limit Records's first lady was once a co-owner of a restaurant in New Orleans. She also announced last year that she plans to release a cookbook/memoir featuring life lessons with delicious recipes attached. If you need visuals now just check the Twitter hashtag #TeamWhipThemPots to see what Mia X is serving up.

3. Action Bronson

Not only is he one of the hottest up-and-coming rappers out right now he was also once a well known gourmet chef in New York. Bronson's

Instagram page

is filled with mouth-watering magic that he's cooked. He also hosted his own online cooking show titled "Action in the Kitchen". He knows his shit and is all good to go for Food Network.

2.Raekwon The Chef Simply because Wu-Tang is forever. Now of course Raekwon doesn't cook food but he's in the kitchen using Pyrex pots and we could all learn a thing or two from him.

1. Lil B

It still baffles me how this guy is so famous amongst the kids. Not sure if Food Network would go for this but Lil B is a self-proclaimed master chef and has been showing us how to cook on the Internet since 2010. How funny would it be to see that shit on national television?

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Join the Press community and help support independent local journalism in Houston.