5 Real-Life Rock-Star Stereotypes More, Well, Flaming Than Adam Lambert

We hate to be those people, but it's true: stereotypes exist for a reason. Our theory is that stereotypes propagate themselves from the insecurities of people who believe they're "supposed" to be some kind of archetype, whether it's the toughest gangsta, the punkest punk rocker or the hick with the reddest neck. You've met them, they're the kind of people who won't allow themselves to like anything outside their narrow purview of however they see themselves. Pretty soon, instead of a personality, they've got a tiny list of things they love, a huge list of things they hate and boom - they've become a stereotype.

We were musing to ourselves the other day that conservatives shouldn't be complaining about Adam Lambert's controversial performance at the American Music Awards last week, during which he simulated male-on-male fellatio and kissed another man during an event which aired in a network time slot typically reserved for family-style programming (although the whole "family-style programming" is not quite the tradition it used to be). The reason conservatives should be grateful is because, in that one performance, he embodied almost every wrong-headed, hateful stereotype that the extreme right has ever had about gays.

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John Seaborn Gray