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5 Shows We'd Like to See at HMNS' Burke Baker Planetarium

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1. Artists: Pink Floyd Celestial Object: Earth's Moon

While they planetarium already has a Pink Floyd Dark Side of the Moon show it's hard to recommend it. As Rocks Off head honcho Chris Gray discovered recently, the show came along back in 2000 and it shows. The graphics range from uninspired to completely obvious, which is a shame because Dark Side deserves better.

I would never suggest that the HMNS get rid of Dark Side because if you were going to have one rock show in the planetarium it would have to be that one. That doesn't mean it has to look like a Windows 95 screensaver, though. Find a new company with access to some new graphics packages and a bit of HD moon video and give one of the greatest albums of all time the video treatment it deserves.

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