5 Songs About Andy Kaufman NOT By R.E.M.

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Peter Broderick, "With Notes on Fire" Peter Broderick is from Portland, which always makes me inclined to like a musician. His work is stunningly pretty, but with some interesting creative turns that are daring and unexpected. The sudden machine-gun delivery of the lyrics in "With Notes on Fire," is as out of left field as Kaufman himself after minutes of almost New Age soft-rock. Broderick name-drops in the course of the song as an inspiration to its own creation.

Sage Francis, "Andy Kaufman" You know who really likes Andy Kaufman? Rappers. Seriously, the next three tunes are rap songs, so if you don't swing that way, then I'm sorry. If you listen to no other entry, though, give two minutes to Sage Francis.

He's a spoken-word artist in addition to a rapper, and his quick drop of a track plays more like a short story as he details faking his death and attending his own funeral. Like I said, anybody else and I would call bullshit, but with Andy we can only be 99 percent sure, and Sage Francis does wonders with that idea.

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