5 Songs For Frank Lloyd Wright

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Jesus Christ Superstar cast, "Hosanna": We're not going to lie to you; we're reaching with this one. Hosanna was one of Frank Lloyd Wright's personal favorite expressions. He famously said, "Hosanna! A client!" after he finally secured a commission following a long dry spell of non-work.

Rush, "Tom Sawyer": Speaking of dissidents who challenged the status quo, let's talk about one of the great characters of literature that owes his creation to Wright. Howard Roark was the barely fictionalized version of Wright that Ayn Rand used as her protagonist in her novel The Fountainhead. Rush, big Rand fans that they are, have sung many songs about her books, and "Tom Sawyer" most resembles the brilliant, unbending mind and artistic integrity of Roark.

Sufjan Stevens, "Come on Feel the Illinois": Sufjan Stevens is one of the more original voices of the last decade, easily maneuvering the thin line between experimental exploration and pop accessibility. His 2005 album Illinois was inspired by the city of Chicago itself, and he sadly laments "What would Frank Lloyd Wright say?" of the dismal design of some of its buildings.

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