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5 Things Sarah Palin Should Know About Common

Dear Sarah Palin, we smelled the stench of desperation and traced it down the Twitter hallway. It led us to some foul words about rapper Common. It started when Michelle Obama scheduled a poetry event at the White House and invited several poets, including Common. Conservatives immediately had their panties in a collective bunch, citing that one time Common referenced violence in a poem.

Now, we realize that you and your Fox News brethren may need a little education in our world, so we'll do our best to help. You already know that Common is a rapper from the South Side of Chicago, one of the best to ever do it, and all that good stuff.

Well, here are a few things you may not know about Lonnie.


Did you know that the legendary Maya Angelou endorsed Common as a solid human being? Are you aware that Dr. Angelou never cosigns people publicly? Did you know that she spoke these words about Common's influence:

The truth is, we make a mistake when we think that generations can be separated. The truth is, you need me so that I have shoulders you can stand on. And you need me so that you have shoulders somebody else can stand on. We are one. And to separate us and decide that we'll be polarized, is ridiculous, it's stupid, and it's dangerous.

Do those words mean anything to you? Do you even know who Maya Angelou is? Either way, she uttered those words about Common and praised his courage and his music and his all-around awesomeness. Did you know that she also gave a stamp of approval to Common's charity organization, the Common Ground Foundation. Are you aware that Common runs a charity organization?


It's true, that foul rapper Common runs a charity organization for at-risk youth in underserved communities. You didn't know that, did you? Well, he does and it's a legit organization with a functioning Web site and everything, not some B.S. tax write-off with a lame site that only works on Sunday. It's called Common Ground, as in, it's actually possible for people of different backgrounds to find shared interests without slinging shit every second to see how many flies you'll catch.

Are you aware that Common is not just a rapper, he's a man who's committed to helping kids find various outlets of creative expression? Are you proud of him for giving back to his community in a positive way?

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