5 Treehugging Tunes By Conservative Country Artists

Today is the Girl Scouts of America's annual World Thinking Day, which they celebrate each year by dedicating 24 hours of contemplation on the world and the people in it. Now, Rocks Off isn't a Girl Scout, but we keep a close eye on them because we've proven in the past they are in fact our own hope against several different apocalypses. With that in mind, we decided to join our little cookie-selling saviors and look up what this year's theme is to prepare a mixtape.

Turns out that the message being contemplated by the Scouts is an environmental one, "We Can Save Our Planet." Great, that means our playlist is going to be full of tambourine-banging, hippy treehugger music like... Johnny Cash? Really?

We actually found that a lot of the more conservative country set shares a love of the land with the more liberal groups you see handcuffing themselves to pine weasels. We'll be tipping our hat to such artists as...

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