6 Cool & Cheap Weekenders: Young Mammals, Lick Lick, Etc.

It's the heavy heavy monster sound of Reverberation tonight at Boondocks with DJs King Shing-a-Ling, Mr. Stagger Lee, Psychedelic Sex Panther and King Cobra. Free... and one step beyond!

Overcaffeinated Houston indie-rockers Young Mammals return after a hot minute to release the new 7" single, "Landlady" b/w "Optometrist" at Walter's tonight with sIngs, Sandy Ewen and Brooklyn's Extra Life, whose Charlie Looker has played with Dirty Projectors and Dax Riggs. The Mammals told the Press in this week's print edition that we could even see a full-length by early next year.

Two of the most bizarre bands you'll ever see in your lifetime, Austin's Brown Whornet and Lick Lick, play Super Happy Fun Land this evening. BW had to change its name from the more conventional spelling to avoid any legal unpleasantness from Bill Cosby's people, and LL put out an album last year called Good Touch Bad Touch. Beyond that you're on your own.

Austin indie-poppers the Eastern Sea, the brainchild of ex-Houstonian Matt Hines, hit up Mango's tonight with New York City Queens and Vox and the Hound. TES's new LP, Plague, makes us say "Awww" and the group also plays a Cactus Music in-store tonight at 5:30 p.m.

The only local band Rocks Off ever wrote about twice in one day, Knights of the Fire Kingdom, play Fitz Saturday night with Houston songstress Winter Wallace. Straight outta Camelot, that show.

Hmmm... seems like Something Vulgar! over at Kryptonite Saturday night might be something bass- and EDM-related. Indeed, we have Fong Shway's Feature Cuts, Texas Dub's Rob Bass, KAOS's Jackknife Jake, the Purple Gang's Filthpusha and more. Grimy! And local!

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