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6 Non-Yank Bands Who Wrote American Anthems

Some of the most definitive "all-American" rock anthems were written by bands who not originally from the United States. Think about it... what are some rock and roll staples that remind you of our beloved country, which gave us the freedom to rock?

"The Boys Are Back In Town" "We Are The Champions," "Back In Black" and "Another Brick In the Wall Pt. 2" could be easy additions to any American rocker's hit list. They're played to sell American products, at cookouts, and will probably be in a rotation at more than a few Fourth of July parties.

While it is ironic, it's important to remember who paved the way for rock and rollers from all over the world. Before it was even classified as such, early American artists began developing what would later be known as the institution of rock through a culmination of rhythm and blues and gospel, with artists like Chuck Berry setting the rules of rock early on.

Soon after the genre had been defined, the Brits caught on and the British Invasion of the 1960s brought countless acts to the States, all with a Euro twist. One or two bands would try something innovative, perhaps incorporating some American-grown aspects of blues and rock, and the rest follow suit.

We don't have enough time to list every band from across the world who experienced major success in America. We've gathered a few, as usual, just to get the gears grinding.

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Allison Wagoner