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7 Cool & Cheap Things To Do This Weekend: Neuwave!, Iguanas, Jack Saunders, Etc.

One final reminder that Belgian electronic body music groundbreakers Front 242's show originally scheduled for tonight at Numbers has been cancelled (for some time, it looks like), but we're guessing Classic Numbers might toss in "Headhunter" or "Never Stop" anyway. If not, you'll hear EBM and every other subdivision of '80s alternative at Boondocks' Neuwave! with Ceeplus Bad Knives, Mr. Castillo and DJ Shamley.

Benjamin Wesley, whom we glimpsed grooving at the "Jandek rave" Sunday at Big Star, has been making the rounds promoting his new CD, Think/Thoughts. It's been drawing much praise, all of it deserved. He packed Cactus at his in-store last weekend, and tonight gives Think/Thoughts a proper release at Fitz with The Niceguys and Kruangbin. $10.

New Orleans swamp-rock monsters the Iguanas play a free show at Shoeshine Charley's Big Top Lounge. Local '60s psych cover band Picture Book opens, and don't forget two nights of Southern Culture on the Skids next door at the Continental Club tonight and Saturday.

One of Houston's shining lights of the great alternative-country scare in the '90s, the Hollisters reunited for a handful of shows late last year and decided to stick around awhile. The band plays Blanco's tonight as a warmup gig for the Houston International Festival later in the month.

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