7 Musician Exes (Or Daughters) Who Should Write Tell-All Books

7. Dita Von Teese (Marilyn Manson): Famed burlesque performer Dita Von Teese (above) met Marilyn Manson in 2001. He proposed in 2004, and the couple wed a year later. Von Teese filed for divorce when she couldn't deal with Manson's alcohol abuse and his extramarital affair with actress Evan Rachel Wood, then 19. With dirt like this, why the hell wouldn't we want his first wife to spill her guts in a book?

6. Shanna Moakler (Travis Barker): Former Miss USA and Playboy model Shanna Moakler has a lot to write about. She's dated Billy Idol and Oscar de la Hoya, but her best-known public relationship is her marriage to Blink-182 drummer Travis Barker. Barker married Moakler in 2004, and the two have two children together. They divorced in 2006, and since then Barker and Moakley have been in an on-again/off-again relationship with claims of still being "madly in love with each other."

During his "off time" from his ex-wife, Barker was said to be dating hotel heiress Paris Hilton and singer Rihanna. Moakler got into a nightclub altercation with Hilton over her alleged relationship with Barker. Even though the couple did have a reality show in MTV Meet the Barkers, television only shows so much. This type of drama definitely deserves a book.

5. Kelis (Nas): Grammy-nominated R&B singer Kelis married Grammy-nominated rapper Nas in 2005, in a very public relationship due to both artists' successful careers. Nas even tattooed a sexy portrait of Kelis on his forearm, which was later covered up when the couple divorced in 2010 after having a child together the previous year. Today Nas pays Kelis $55,000 in monthly child and spousal support. Aren't you dying to know what went down in those five years?

4. Amber Rose (Kanye West): Although rumors are going around that model Amber Rose signed a $1 million contract to not speak of her 2-year relationship with superstar producer/rapper Kanye West, she denies such allegations. This blonde, nearly bald beauty was seen everywhere with West during the course of their relationship; she never spoke, she just sat there and looked gorgeous.

Rose is now dating Wiz Khalifa, but we want to know why she's been so quiet about her relationship with West. She brags about writing a book in the future but we have no clue what it will entail.

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3. Susan Moonsie (Prince): Susan Moonsie was the high-school sweetheart of legendary singer Prince, and is best known for her work in Prince's girl group, Vanity 6. Moonsie dated Prince before he got with the lead singer of the group, Denise Matthews, also known as Vanity. From the movie Purple Rain to girl-group love triangles in, Moonsie should definitely fill us in on what happened behind the scenes.

2. Hailie Jade Mathers (Eminem): Being the daughter of one of hip-hop's top-selling artists must draw a lot of attention. Hailie Jade Mathers is now 15 years old and has a Twitter account. We only heard of her in Eminem's lyrics back in the day, when he was far more controversial than emotional in his songs. We also remember young Hailie from her feature with her father on his song "My Dad's Gone Crazy." We're a little curious to know what it was like growing up with a famous dad who made songs about dumping your Mom's lifeless body in a lake.

1. Chinara Butler (Pimp C): Chinara Butler is the widow of the late rap legend Pimp C. She married the UGK rapper/producer in 2003, and they have three children together. After his passing in 2007, the hip-hop world was devastated, especially in Houston. We would love a tell-all book from Mrs. Butler to give us an inside look at her marriage with the self-proclaimed pimp.

Butler also owns the rights to Pimp C's estate and was sued by Rap-a-Lot 2K Records in June of this year. The label claims Butler owes them 10 masters of Pimp C's music, so it would be great to read about her side of the story.

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