7 Songs Produced By Birthday Dude Jerry Harrison

If you know the name Jerry Harrison at all, it's most likely from his work as guitarist/keyboardist for Talking Heads. But he's had just as prolific a career as the owner of Sausalito Sound as he has had creating music with one of my favorite bands.

After leaving Talking Heads and releasing a handful of solo albums, Harrison found that the role of producer was more accommodating for family life. He made the move to San Francisco and opened his own studio. Using a combination of analog and digital methods, Harrison cultivates warm sounds with ease of editing, which is a big help for some of the younger bands getting a hang of the ways of the recording session.

He also did the 5.1 digital re-mastering for Talking Heads' box Brick, which if you have not heard in Surround Sound, you're totally missing out. Anyhow, for his birthday, let's take a look at some of the best tracks Harrison's had a hand in laying to tape. (Please note: My conscience wouldn't allow me to include anything by Live or Crash Test Dummies.)

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April Brem Patrick