Listen Up!

8 Keepers From Mail Call: Hacienda, Elvin Bishop, Janiva Magness, Etc.

Once again, the mailbox has overflowed like a backed-up sewer and Lonesome Onry and Mean has had to make some space decisions: Does this record go on the shelf (keep it, it's good, but I want to listen to something else now), in the Goodwill box (what were they thinking when they recorded this and, more importantly, why'd they send this damn thing to me?), or in the truck (I want to listen to this over and over)?

New albums by old favorites tend to get a thorough examination based on a certain level of previously built-up credibility. And, yes, in spite of the volume of music arriving constantly, an effort is made to listen to every CD that crosses the transom whether the artist is familiar or not, although admittedly the end of some of those isn't reached before the eject button gets a shove (sorry, Evie Ladin Band, it happened on the first Avett Brothers record too).

So here's a summary of some recent albums, released in the past couple of months, worth putting in the truck.

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