8 Songs Inspired by Castlevania
Super Castlevania IV

8 Songs Inspired by Castlevania

There aren't a lot of games that can hold up their musical legacy like Castlevania can. It's easily in the top five of series that were able to produce memorable soundtracks. The fun thing is that as people who were kids playing the games have grown up they've taken those songs with them into careers as musicians. So today we're going to look at sons that wouldn't have existed without Castlevania

Star-Bomb, "Crasher-Vania" Star-Bomb remains amazing. As far as video game-themed bands go you just can't do better though they're usually somewhat NSFW. "Crasher-Vania" takes the Dracula story from the count's perspective. He's just trying to have a party when Simon Belmont shows up to drop some religious indignation and ruin the fun.

George Sakalis, "Damien Black V.2" Here's something a bit more classical for you. Sakalis is a great big Symphony of the Night fan and drew heavily from Michiru Yamane's soundtrack in making this baroque metal creation. It's almost good enough to be in a game itself.

Bit Brigade, "Castlevania" OK, technically this isn't a song inspired by Castlevania, just a cover of the soundtrack from the first game. However, you have got to see this! Bit Brigade actually plays along to a live playthrough and hits every cue perfectly as they do so. Apparently they also pull this off with Contra.

Mega Ran, "Aria of the Bloodline" Mega Ran is one of the best game rappers working the mike today. He's damned near untouchable, and his tribute to Alucard's quest to sever his cursed bloodline is especially powerful. Flow on, Mega. Flow on like the wind.

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Brental Floss, "Castlevania II With Lyrics" Another dude not to miss is Brental Floss. He does some of the best video game satire songs out there, but when it comes to Castlevania he hits a real high-water mark. Instead of a parody he just adds lyrics to the already wonderfully '80s soundtrack from Simon's Quest. What's not to love about rhyming "Dracula" with "backula"?

Devils of Belgrade, Tracks of the Cloven Hoof As you can tell from the album art the folks at Devils of Belgrade are big fans of Castlevania. Most of this whole metal album was inspired by the series, with a few Lovecraft homages thrown in for good measure. Enjoy!

The Black Dahlia Murder, "What a Horrible Night to Have a Curse" Though this tune from 2007's Nocturnal doesn't seem to specifically to be about Castlevania there's no doubt that the title owes its existence to the games. "What a horrible night to have a curse" is the phrase that appears when the sun goes down on Simon's Quest and the monster become more numerous and powerful.

Nextale Nailze, "Conquer" Let's leave off with my favorite Castlevania tune. "Conquer" was specifically inspired by Nailze's escape from a harsh world into games of Super Castlevania IV where he could be a hero. It's a sentiment I can bro-fist with the man over. Those days being a HD-real life zero could be hard on a kid, but there was always a chance to be a 16-bit hero at home. God bless Nailze for speaking that truth.

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