Kill Us Now, Please

9 Musical Costumes Couples Should Avoid This Halloween

The other day, a friend of ours asked us for our opinion on some ideas for "couple costumes," as in Halloween, including Han Solo and Princess Leia. Ugh. Do you happy couples really start this early in September?

Rocks Off thinks we kind of understand the seriousness of the couple costume planning process, though. With all of the naughty nurses and scantily dressed school girls drinking vodka from Styrofoam cups, we'd want to make sure our man was unmistakably attached to us the whole night too.

If you choose to dress as a couple this Halloween, there are a few costumes you should do your best to avoid: No "ball and chain" getups or Sookie Stackhouse and that old vampire dude from True Blood. No more vampires, please.

And certainly no cliché musician couples. Below are nine ill-fated or way-too-obvious musical duos that we hope we don't see at any parties this year.

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Allison Wagoner