9 Rock Stars & Their Favorite Books

Musicians like to read as much as the next person and being a creative lot they tend to draw inspiration from their favorite books. Which pieces of literature have struck a chord in the hearts of our favorite rock stars?

9. Billie Joe Armstrong, Catcher in the Rye: This probably isn't a surprise since Green Day has a song on 1992's Kerplunk!called "Who Wrote Holden Caufield?" Armstrong refused to read the book in high school, but later on found a kindred spirit in Caulfield's character, that of an existentialist outcast searching for meaning in a world of conspicuous consumption.

8. Billy Idol, Neuromancer: I am the only person on Earth who thinks Billy Idol's best album is Cyberpunk, which is based on William Gibson's acclaimed sci-fi novel Nueromancer.

Idol was so obsessed with the book that he refused to answer any questions by reporters about the album who hadn't also done so. When entertainment journalist duly did their homework, most of them found that Idol's own knowledge of the book seemed a little spotty. He later said he didn't need to read the book as he had absorbed it through osmosis.

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