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'90s Soundtrack Battle: Angus & Batman Forever Duke It Out

The movies couldn't be any more different. One is about an obese, kindly high school guy with a heart of gold. The other is about an crime-fighting millionaire orphan inside a cartoonish world full of super-villains, cringe-worthy puns, and Jim Carrey at his muggiest. Obvious Angus is a better film, but you know Batman Forever had Drew Barrymore dressed like this.

But 1995's Angus and Batman Forever both had great soundtracks, that myself and freelancer Cory Garcia were willing to defend. I say that the Batman disc was better than the Angus one, which puts up a valiant fight. Each of them were gateway drugs for many young, budding music fans, with Angus' soundtrack full of future name-check worthy acts like Tilt, Ash, Pansy Division, and Pinkerton-era Weezer.

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Craig Hlavaty
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