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A-Blake Records Joins Cadre Of Local Labels

Houston has a multitude of music within - and bleeding across - its borders. By our own quick estimate, there are about 500 active musical acts in the metropolitan area, and that's probably still a lowball speculation.

With all these acts, it's only natural that yet another label would spring up, and the latest addition to the cadre of local labels is Deer Park's A-Blake Records. Founded by Blake Barnes, a businessman with a background in insurance, and Daniel Sanders, an entertainment attorney with over a decade of music-industry experience, the new label is eager to break into local, national and global markets.

"[Blake] and I have always sort of seen eye to eye on music," Sanders explains, regarding the duo's decision to start up a label, adding that Barnes was "in a position to do stuff with clients of mine and other acts that we became aware of." Combining prior business connections and a strong entrepreneurial spirit, the pair are determined to tout another roster of Texas artists.

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Marc Brubaker
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