A Country Requiem for the GOP

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Little Jimmy Dickens

As the Willie Nelson-quoting Don Merideth used to sing on Monday Night Football, turn out the lights, the party's over. While last night's electoral bloodbath isn't the end of the Republican Party - particularly way down Texas way - the GOP is in shambles, and Barack Obama's hold on the popular imagination is only bound to increase in the weeks before he assumes the presidency. Where do the elephants go from here? Rocks Off thought he'd tune in - what else? - XM classic-country channel America and read some musical tea leaves.

Moe Bandy

, “Honky Tonk Amnesia”: It’s a pretty safe bet the GOP would just as soon pretend like last night ever happened. Now they know how the rest of us feel about the past eight years.

Restless Heart, “Fast Moving Train”: “I’ve been hit by a fast moving train.” Since his Straight Talk Express was derailed by Obama’s midnight special – though it was closer to 10 p.m. - John McCain can no doubt relate.

Waylon Jennings and Willie Nelson

, “Mamas Don’t Let Your Babies Grow Up to Be Cowboys”: Encouraging the nation’s hockey moms to raise their children to forsake red-state tokens like pickup trucks and the life of a cowboy (a synonym for "maverick") in favor of heavily Democratic professions like doctors and lawyers? Sounds suspiciously like our immediate future.

Jim Reeves, “He’ll Have to Go”: And how. Exactly 77 days (11 weeks, if you're into fuzzy math) until January 20.

Lynn Anderson

, “Stay There ‘Til I Get There”: “…and we’ll work it out together.” With the White House and both houses of Congress under firm Democratic control, the GOP is going to have to reacquaint itself with a little concept called compromise.

Asleep at the Wheel, “The Letter That Johnnie Walker Read”: “Dear John, please come back home.” Asked and answered.

Narvel Phelps, “Somebody Hold Me”: Republicans need hugs too, you know. Especially today.

Randy Travis

, “I Told You So”: “Suppose I called you up and said I think I’ve finally learned my lesson?” Only time will tell. “I’ve found somebody new and you will never break my heart in two again,” seems to be the opinion of many voters last night.

Jerry Lee Lewis, “She Even Woke Me Up to Say Goodbye” “Mornin’s come, and my mind is aching.” For very different reasons, applies to Republicans and Democrats alike.

Little Jimmy Dickens, “May the Bird of Paradise Fly Up Your Nose”: Sorry – couldn’t resist one last little twist of the knife. They’ve earned it. - Chris Gray

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