A Day At The Beach For Beyonce, Dad

One of the things Rocks Off is most grateful for is our Google alert for Beyonce, which provides us with a never-ending stream of amusing and occasionally newsworthy anecdotes concerning the escapades of Houston's hometown diva and her extended family. This morning's was especially rich, because not only has the frequently bathing-suit-clad Beyonce finally joined the ranks of the celebrity "nip-slip" brigade, it turns out the federal government may pick up the Ike-related repair tab to the Knowles family's house on Galveston's Pirate Beach. Let's get to the more important story first. Beyonce has been on vacation in Hawaii with husband Jay-Z, sister Solange and Solange's son Daniel for a few days. She went to the beach. Her swimsuit didn't fit quite right. Photographers were there. Internet goes bananas. End of story.

The Internet was much slower in reacting to the news first reported by The Galveston Daily News earlier this month that the seaside retreat owned by B's father/manager Mathew Knowles was added to the list of properties eligible for a FEMA-administered Property Acquisition Buyout between November and January.

Once they did find out, though, the blognoscenti responded with the proper degree of snark and eat-the-rich indignation. "All those child support payments must be draining Matthew Knowles' bank account," volunteered Gawker. Mother Jones, meanwhile, took a moment to point out that "In the name of disaster relief, the federal government routinely subsidizes some of the country's wealthiest and most irresponsible property owners" before letting us know that soon every beachside property on the Gulf Coast will be worthless (as in underwater) thanks to global warming.

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Join the Press community and help support independent local journalism in Houston.