A Few Bits Of Texas-Related Neil Young Trivia

"Comes a Time," live at Farm Aid 1986 at Manor Downs racetrack near Austin

Both Rocks Off Sr. and Jr. are pretty pumped for tomorrow night's Neil Young show at Jones Hall, and have the over/under on the number of guitars he uses at eight. We combed the Internet for a little bit this morning and came up with a few

Harvest Moon

-yellow nuggets of Texas-related Young trivia. According to


, Young's first performance in the Houston area was San Jacinto Day 1968 with Buffalo Springfield, when the L.A. folk-rock ur-group apparently played


shows - at Galveston's Moody Civic Center, Lamar University in Beaumont and the Sam Houston Coliseum. And, no doubt, fired their booking agent shortly thereafter. Here's the set list from Young and Crazy Horse's concert at the Summit on Veteran's Day 1976, found on



Love Is A Rose/ The Old Laughing Lady/ After The Gold Rush/ Too Far Gone/ Heart Of Gold/ A Man Needs A Maid/ No One Seems To Know/ Sugar Mountain/ Country Home/ Don't Cry No Tears/ Down By The River/ Lotta Love/ Like A Hurricane/ Drive Back/ Cinnamon Girl/ Cortez The Killer

Young's song "Misfits," from 1985's Old Ways, is partially about the space program and contains the following verses:

"The voice of Houston callin' Brought them back to the scene Except the sky is fallin' Do you know what that means?

Out on that Texas sidewalk Through the hotel mezzanine There walked a see-thru' hooker To a suite with two TVs."

Got any more bits of Texas-related Neil history, or just want to share a personal reflection on a past Shakey show? Please leave them in the comments.

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