A Few Damned Minutes With The Damned Things

Rocks Off recently spoke with Joe Trohman, one of the guitarists for brand-new supergroup The Damned Things, which features Anthrax legend Scott Ian, Every Time I Die lead singer Keith Buckley, and drummer Andy Hurley from Trohman's previous band, Fall Out Boy.

The Damned Things are a relative smorgasbord of nasty riffs and kiss-off lyrics, and the band's debut LP, Ironiclast, is a quick ten-track disc showcasing all the best parts that each member brings to the table.

You have Buckley's snotty lines, not too from his scorched-bar ETID vox, Hurley's drumming, which was easily one of the reasons for FOB's success, and of course Ian's goateed guitar stabs make the Damned Things and Ironiclast a blessed hellride.

The band is currently on a club tour with popular Euro band Volbeat, and stop in Clear Lake at Scout Bar on Thursday night. We spoke with Trohman as the band was on tour, and asked him about sex, music, and his least favorite supergroup.

Rocks Off: How fun is it to be on tour with this band? It seems like the man-ness and tattoos are almost too much to bear...

Joe Trohman: It's definitely fun. The Volbeat guys are wonderful and the crowds have been rowdy every night. But I'm not sure a bunch of men and tattoos ever got in the way of too many bears. We have tons of traveling bears with us on this tour actually.

RO: But level with me: Who is the worst guy to share a tour bus with?

JT: Everyone honestly keeps pretty much to themselves. But my dream worst guy to share a bus with would absolutely be Booger from Revenge of the Nerds.

RO: Fill in the blanks: "_________ + _________ = The Damned Things."

JT: Cranberries, Raisins

RO: Do you guys ever worry that Keith Buckley is too sexy to be in the band?

JT: I don't worry about sex.

RO: Do you guys ever worry that Scott's goatee is too sexy to be in the band?

JT: I certainly do not worry about goatees.

RO: Seriously, Ironiclast is unlike any album that has come out in the past year. It sounds like it was a fun, drunken love affair plastered onto record. Any plans for a follow-up yet?

JT: Thank you. The record just came out last year so I suppose we'll just finish this record cycle and go from there. I'm hoping for a follow up in the future, but that all depends on everyone's schedules. I don't want to promise something, but the plan is definitely to make more records.

The Damned Things play with Volbeat and Hourcast, 9 p.m. Thursday at Scout Bar.

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