A Few Things I Learned at Electric Forest

The Best Music of Electric Forest 2012

My story of this past weekend is one to tell. I went to Electric Forest, with no expectations whatosever in my head. I wanted to be open-minded. I just knew there were certain artists that I had to see.

To my surprise, it wasn't all about the music. Don't get me wrong, music was in plentiful supply, but there was more to this festival than any other I had heard of or been to before.

I noticed that people from all over the U.S. were in attendance at EF. I can't guarantee all 50 states, but it was pretty close to that. I even met some Canadians that made the trip across country lines to attend this festival in Rothbury, Mich.

I would like to call Electric Forest today's Woodstock. If Woodstock had the technology we do now, I wouldn't see much difference. Many may say lots of hippies were there. That may be true in some ways, but everyone was there as an individual. Everyone was themselves coming for the music and the experience.

I got to share my experience with a couple of friends from college and ended up meeting several more friends that I got to share the same experiences with. May I say we made an awesome group. I truly love those kids.

I came to a place barely knowing anyone and ended up meeting some great people. It's funny how little things can bring so many together as one. That's what the concept I truly found and grasped at Electric Forest.

I know I am already a music lover. I like many genres and I know that no matter what I do in life I want music to be involved. I came to that understanding laying in a hammock in the forest on the second night. The forest at night is lit up changing constantly with different settings. It's not something simply explained it's something one must experience.

I found myself opening up to people I had just met. For me I don't trust very many people. I was able to open up to people I had just met over a period of four days. It's amazing how much one has in common if you just talk and aren't afraid.

Life is not easy. It's scary. You will always have people trying to knock you down. But life happens one day at a time, just like Electric Forest continues one day at a time. Slowly, I found myself comfortable with my settings each day.

Heck, even when the nights were over at the venue we headed back to the camp site and created our own version: Electric Tent. (A campfire made of glow sticks and so on.)

This experience is hard to put into words, it's just something one must experience for themselves.

The people that I met, the funny and serious things we talked about, the music we all experienced together was all a way of letting ourselves be free and live for the moment, not thinking about what the future may hold.

Of course I looked forward to the artists playing each day, but I found myself so happy just where I was. Everyone coming together for such a simple cause made everything worth it.

I went to Forest with a lot of things not right in my life and overthinking things. But now I find myself enjoying each moment for what it is. No longer was I just looking at the past and future, although those are good things to keep hold to. I found myself appreciating every day, and taking it one step at a time.

I further fell in love with music and the people that I shared it with. The place, people and music taught me more about myself than I had ever known.

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