A Fistful of Soul

For more than a year now, DJs No Fun, King Ghidora and Bingo Rash — government names John Baldwin, Stuart Anderson and Ben Browning — have dipped into their considerable collection of vintage LPs and 45s to charm the pants off young Houstonians once a month at A Fistful of Soul. Sometimes almost literally: The Mink's dance floor can get pretty steamy at the monthly event, not to mention crowded.

The three DJs met through the local punk and hardcore scene, and from there it was a short hop from the Clash and the Who to vintage R&B, Northern soul and reggae artists like Desmond Dekker & the Israelites, Johnnie Taylor and Marlena Shaw. They'll throw in plenty of less obscure tracks from the likes of James Brown, Sam & Dave and the Motown catalogue as well.

Chatter reached Baldwin, the Wild Moccasins' drummer and a clerk at Cactus Music in his less Soul-ful moments, while he was walking his dog last week. To him, the formula is simple.


A Fistful of Soul

9 p.m. Friday, December 17, at the Mink, 3718 Main, 713-522-9985 or www.minkonmain.com.

"Once they're dancing, you can play whatever you want," he says.


Chatter: Where do you guys find your records?


John Baldwin: We all kind of get 'em from different places. Stuart is a big crate-digger. He goes to junk shops and estate sales and stuff like that, and he'll basically spend weeks and months digging through garbage to maybe find something great.

I'm a big record-store guy. I go to Vinal Edge, Sound Exchange, Sig's Lagoon and Cactus. In Austin, I love Breakaway and End of an Ear. When I'm on tour with the band, I go record shopping almost every day.


C: What are your ­favorite records­ to play at this?


JB: I like playing classics, but I really like to mix it up. I like playing something weird, like throwing on an Amy Winehouse track or something, because it's not really what we do. I also like playing really funky and groove-based stuff, and boogaloo and Latin music as well. As far as my favorite specific records, that's kind of a tough one.


C: How about a slow jam?


JB: I like playing slow stuff. One of my favorite slower songs is a newer track. It's from Binky Griptite on the Daptone label, called "You're Gonna Cry."


C: What's the most amorous you've seen people get at this thing?


JB: We've seen people get pretty crazy. At the end of the night, there's always glass broken all over the floor where the dance floor is. You never hear anything break because the music's really loud, but at the end of the night when everyone leaves, you're like, "Holy shit!" There's like 30 shattered glasses on the ground, glass everywhere.

We've seen people start making out in the crowd. There's lots of coupling going on. You see lots of people show up by themselves and leave with another person. We see that every month. Unfortunately, I wish it was all the music, but I think that's a big part of why people keep coming.


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Top Sellers
Sound Exchange, 1836 Richmond, 713-666-5555

1. Swans, My Father Will Guide Me (LP/CD)

2. Hellbastard/Dissent, split 7"

3. Legacy/Megadeth, Thrashed From the Start

Vol. 4 (LP)

4. Voivod/Tormentor, Thrashed From the Start

Vol. 2 (LP)

5. The Psychedelic Aliens, Psycho African Beat (LP/CD)

6. Stereolab, Not Music (LP/CD)

7. Group Doueh, Beatte Harab (LP)

8. Velvet Underground & Nico,

Velvet Underground & Nico (LP/CD)

9. Ye Olde Maids, God Blesses Us,

Mother Dresses Us (CD)

10. Winterfylleth, The Mercian Sphere (CD)


Blues On the Move
KPFT (90.1 FM), Sundays 8-11 a.m.
Selections from Mr. & Mrs. V's December 12 playlist

1. Calvin Owens, "True Blue"

2. Debbie Davies, "Wrong Man for Me"

3. Louis Jordan, "Open the Door, Richard"

4. Lightnin' Hopkins, "Christmas Blues"

5. Aretha Franklin, "Money Won't Change You"

6. Jimmie Vaughan & Lou Ann Barton,

"I'm Leavin' It Up to You"

7. Shemeika Copeland, "Stay a Little Longer, Santa"

8. Mavis Staples, "Don't Change Me Now"

9. Frank Sinatra & Cyndi Lauper, "Santa Claus Is

Coming to Town"

10. Albert Collins, "Highway Like a Woman"

(lists compiled by Chris Gray)

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