A Gallery of Awesome Taylor Swift Memes

When I think of Taylor Swift, my mind immediately goes to the category it has labeled as "sheer hilarity." From the Kanye incident to the bleating goat videos, the poor girl has become synonymous with accidental antics, and those are the best kind in my opinion.

Taylor, who has skyrocketed to fame thanks to a warbly, country-meets-pop music catalog and a really complicated love life, is just so easy to be amused with.

She's Disney-cute, a tween icon, and has a laundry list of famous ex-boyfriends she uses as the target of her multiplatinum breakup anthems. She's a magnet for silly situations in a modern-day Lucille Ball kind of way, but with that whole "serial dater" problem that Ricky would have put the kibosh on.

Given her penchant for attracting absurdities, it seems that not only I, but the entire Internet, have made a pastime out of amusing themselves with Ms. Swift. Born out of the awkward anthems and spurred on with the help of a disorderly Mr. Kanye West, Swifty has become the subject of many a meme to pop up on the web.

What's even funnier than those memes, though, is when some silly teen girl decides to post on social media about how much her life is like Taylor Swift's, only to be snipered the fuck down by a witty friend. Believe it or not, that happens often, with the results being utterly hilarious.

I've included those sniper memes, along with a few more badass examples of Taylor-based hilarity, so that you can get all your snark in before she's in town for a concert this Thursday at the Toyota Center.

Oh, and to the snipering counterparts, you are my heroes, you witty sons of bitches. I hope to be just like you one day.

Taylor Swift Dishwasher Status Does the above Facebook status even need any commentary? That dad is obviously the best parent who ever existed. Case closed.

Taylor Swift Bust a Load Status I don't know who the above chickies are, but I'd like to buy them a beer for being so freaking awesome. Oh, and for having beautifully cultivated senses of humor. Bravo, bust-a-load chicks.

Girlfriend Posts Taylor Swift Lyrics as Status I mean, whoever busted him out is too right for their own good. If your girlfriend is posting Taylor Swift lyrics as her status, it might be time to invest in a girlfriend with some musical taste.

Kanye Meme This blog just wouldn't have been complete without some sort of nod to the whole Kanye West situation, so there ya go. It's still funny after all these years.

Taylor Twerk Team The world needs more twerking memes, and when those twerking memes also involve lil ol' Taylor Swift, they're bordering on just effing perfect. Twerk it, Tay Tay!

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Join the Press community and help support independent local journalism in Houston.