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A GAY ISLAND??: The Best & Worst Facebook Responses to Bun B Supporting Gay Marriage

When President Barack Obama said in an interview last week that he supported same-sex marriage, it lit up the Internet with discussion. The dialogue split between those championing the president's words, and his detractors damning him (again) for going against what they saw as biblical and social norms.

No matter where you sit politically, you can see it's going to be a hot topic this election season.

The discussion hit the world of hip-hop this week, when rapper Jay-Z went on record stating that this was a civil-rights fight, and that in a very real sense, the discrimination against gays was comparable to that of the treatment of black folks in America. Obviously, that also created a deep chasm between Jay and some of his fans.

Houston's own Bun B weighed in this week on his biweekly NewsFix segment for local station CW 39 (where I am also a NewsFixer), supporting gay marriage. This of course created a gigantic argument on his Facebook wall.

What followed was a torrential wave of awful grammar, biblical ranting, cursing, UGK love and sporadic rational thought. Also, one guy who thinks gay people should be banished to an IKEA-furnished island.

It remains to be seen how big an issue this will be in the hip-hop community, which can be surprisingly conservative when it comes to causes like this. Rocks Off's Shea Serrano will tell you what Houston's local rap community thinks of the issue Thursday morning.

Honestly, if we were to tell you we copied and pasted these comments from a right-wing message board, you would have no reason to not believe us. Except for all the repping of UGK and the late Pimp C.


Everyone should have equal rights under the law point blank period and there's not more that needs to be said.

Let the people do what they wanna, let em marry who they want to. Homosexual people are also just human beings so why shouldn't they have the right to marry?

ima put it like this- if someone wanna b gay, thats their business. They should b allowed civil unions & the same rights & protections as married couples but it is not & should not b allowed to b called marriage! Marriage is defined by God as the union between one man & one woman. No variations. Its God's rule not mine. Ne thing else is blasphemy & disrespect to the Lord

But What About All Those Sitcoms With Gay Dads?

do not quite believe in this.. imagine children being adopted by these families, this does not seem right to me

Bun B, you should really take a stance. The President should have really take a stance. The stance should be on the Book..The Good Book. On judgement day, when account is taken for my life and yours, I want to be able to say I stood up for what was right, what is written regardless of popular opinon, regardless of what the polls might say. President Obama really let me down on this one.

Equality For Some...

Short-minded people, you and your bibles...

Its sad how so many blacks and other minorities are saying its not godlike according to the bible...but slavery was a-okay in the bible.

I believe in equality......and as a straight man I always wondered why would them being able to marry effect don't ..there business is their business ...only god can judge a person...

RIP Pimp C

Pimp C would not like Homos getting married, next we will see these fags in hip hop, oh wait they already are

UGK 4 LIFE!!!!!!!!!!

Leave It To Jesus?

It's not up to us to view this as right r wrong. God has already judged it as sin. So us a followers of God are called to follow God's judgement on homosexuality.. Please don't say we all sin. We do, but we/I don't push to call my sin ok.

Religion is bullshit, all it does is spread hatred and divide society while slowing down its progression. People should be able to do what they want with their life, especially if it doesn't effect anyone else. Religion shouldn't play any roll in government issues and decisions.. Ever heard of separation of church and state? Most likely not..

The part of the bible that BANS homosexuality is the book of Leviticus. Well on the next page in the bible it states "You shall not make any cuttings in your flesh for the dead, nor tattoo any marks on you: I am the LORD." Also, a couple a verses later "Nor shall a garment of mixed linen and wool come upon you." So how many of yall criticizing homosexuals for their life choice are DISOBEYING GOD the exact same way by having a tattoo, or wearing clothes made of two different linens...

Hear Hear!

In America, a person's right to pursuit happiness trumps any religious law. If you want to live in a country where religion is law, then move to a country like Iran. If God doesn't like what's going in America, he can come down here directly and address that. Because his 'representatives' are doing a horrible job, and his book needs major updating.

And It Would Be The Coolest Island In The World...

I think we should cast them away on ther own little island with some nice IKEA furniture set up with some electricity and running water. Let them do there own thing, or we can keep this bullshit debate up you know obama is illuminati. The world is going to get worse nothing can get better. He is a puppet.

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