A Hell of a Weekend

Just in time for the chilly fall weather, several fire-breathing rockabilly crews descend on the Bayou City tonight. Austin’s Deguello, featuring sometime Fabulous Thunderbird Nick Curran doing his best Eddie Spaghetti, kick off their three-week U.S. tour tonight at Rudyard’s with the devilish Hell City Kings and Hell’s Engine. Not to be outdone, Houston’s own Flamin’ Hellcats scorch the Continental Club with Rodney Parker & 50 Pesos Reward, and Wayne “The Train” Hancock twangs Fitzgerald’s upstairs with Romeo Dogs.

For the equally demonic but more metallically inclined, the Buzz’s Zakk United throws his fourth annual Zakkfest tonight at Meridian with Capgun Suicide, Hoax Revealed, Epic, Necrofaith, Melovine and ERASEtheVIRUS. Java Jazz opens its own Hellmouth up on 1960 with Dying Fetus, Cephalic Carnage, Skeleton Witch, Demericious, The Absence and Charlameigne.

Saturday, Houston’s Tontons (formerly Helicopter Jones), a hazy blues-rock crew fronted by Bjork-like vocalist Asli Omar, release their new EP Sea and Stars (Esthetic Noise) at the Bootleg warehouse, 2301 Commerce at Bastrop, with the home-from-college Riff Tiffs and Studemont Project. Casiotoned one-woman-band Hearts of Animals headlines Rudz over face-painting folkie Oculous Sinister and the Bill-Callahan-gone-electro sounds of Wicked Poseur. Ever-popular local howlers the Jonbenet lay waste to Walter’s on Washington with Tanari, This Year’s Tiger and Sons of Evil, and it should be a wild one down on Pease as Insecticide, Hypo Christians, Temple of Wrath, Diminished, Last Rosary and All the Way to the Bank grind(core) it out at the Engine Room while North Carolina’s spectacularly named Short Bus Superheroes punk up the Jet Lounge.

Finally, Super Happy Fun Land is hosting a benefit organized by Econo’s Samuel Barker to help his college roommate’s severely ill young daughter, who has been through a harrowing amount of medical procedures in her not even two years on the planet. Besides Econo, the Delta Block (ex-MK Ultra), Squishees, Electricks and more take the stage from 2-7 p.m. Saturday for $10. ‘Tis the season, after all. – Chris Gray

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Join the Press community and help support independent local journalism in Houston.