A HPMA Latin Hip-Hop Video Sampler

Since this is the first time the "Best Latin Hip-Hop" category is in the Houston Press Music Awards mix, Rocks Off thought we should provide those voting for this year's awards - but not familiar with Latinos in Houston hip-hop - a visual of who is up for this inaugural honor. Voting starts July 15 online and in print July 22.

So here are our favorite videos from the artists up for the very first Best Latin Hip-Hop award.

Get to hittin' play.

Preemo, "The Daydream"

Our Favorite Part: The fact that Preemo shot it right after Hurricane Ike devastated Galveston was pretty creative. The hurricane hit during a tough time in our country, and his lyrical content coupled with the geographical devastation matches up nicely.

Coast, "I Can't Complain"

Our Favorite Part: When his girlfriend storms off from their home slips on the pile of shit he stepped on earlier in the video and he cracks up laughing. We did too.

Lucky Luciano, "Popped Up" feat. Paul Wall

Our Favorite Part: We're a big fan of boxing so we thought the whole concept of shooting it inside of a ring and having two Mexicans boxers going at it was cool.

Chingo Bling, "Mas Maiz"

Our Favorite Part: This video has it all. Latino artists from different regions, smoking hot Latinas, the cultural accents. This is definitely a banger at any house party in the barrio.

Dat Boi T, "Life in the Slow Lane"

Our Favorite Part: Only one. Inside the Screw shop.

So is your mind made up yet? If so, which artist are you voting for and why?

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Contributor Rolando Rodriguez is the co-founder of Trill Multicultural.