A J Mascis Doll With Real Doll Hair? Yes Please!

The fine folks at punk toy firm Aggronautix, famous for their GG Allin and Keith Morris "throbbleheads," have now outdone themselves, yet again, with the release of a J Mascis model, complete with real doll hair.

It's a shame that this is not Mascis' real hair, though. That would make this figurine pretty special and a psychotic little gem to a few thousand Dinosaur Jr. fan boys. This is easily of one the coolest Aggronautix throbbleheads out there. This is the same company that made the Andrew W.K. and GG Allin bobbles that sit on my desk. I think the Allin one winked at me once.

With the Dinos currently laying down tracks for a follow-up to 2009's Farm, according to member Lou Barlow, you should probably score yourself one of the bad boys for Mascis to sign next time they come to town. If he let's you get close enough to his person while holding a miniature version of him that is.

Warn him first. Don't just say "I have a tiny you here in my bag," or something creepy like that. You'll be lucky to get close to him, since Mascis is notoriously not a fan of canoodling with people in general. He mostly communes with massive stacks of amplifiers and noise.

You can order all of the Aggronautix bobbleheads at their site, and take it from me they are worthy investments.

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Craig Hlavaty
Contact: Craig Hlavaty