A Lover And A Fighter: It's Sapp Time!

Everyone needs a hobby, an outlet, something to take the stress off. Meg White has taxidermy, David Arquette collects oversized left-shoes, and mixed martial arts big man Bob Sapp sings and dances.

Sapp's been a mainstay in MMA for about eight years, and is known for his imposing size (6'4" and 303 lbs) and aggression. He has fought mostly in Japanese organizations like Pride and K-1, rather than American-based UFC, but his charisma, status as a former football player for the Oakland Raiders, and the occasional movie role, such as Stone in Elektra, have kept his face fresh in the minds of American fans.

What many may not be familiar with is his abilities as a recording artist.

In 2003 he released his single, "Sapp Time!," complete with music video featuring a Japanese soul band backing him as he sang, swayed, and danced with a bevy of Asian beauties. Someone in Vegas book this man!

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