A Modest Proposal For Houston Concert Audiences

Don't bother us in the morning until we've had our coffee, and don't bother us - or anyone else, for that matter - at a concert until we've had our music.

We've all been there. You spent $100 on concert tickets to a show, which you and your best friend or significant other have been looking forward to for months. As you arrive at the venue, you drop another 15 bucks on parking.

Sure, you could have found a spot and walked, but you're like a kid pulling up to Chuck E. Cheese - you've got to get inside, and fast. When you finally walk in, before making your way into the pit, you open up a tab at the bar and of course, you'll end up spending at least $50 on drinks as the night plays out.

At this point, you've spent a lot of hard-earned money, you're ready for the show, and you expect to have a good time. Then, just as you and your (lady) friend settle into the closest open spots you can fit into, you hear it, and your stomach drops.

The guy you're now stuck next to is already drunk, disruptively loud, and won't stop talking. He may even be throwing elbows, spilling his drink or both.

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Matt is a regular contributor to the Houston Press’ music section. He graduated from the University of Houston with a degree in print journalism and global business. Matt first began writing for the Press as an intern, having accidentally sent his resume to the publication's music editor instead of the news chief. After half a decade of attending concerts and interviewing musicians, he has credited this fortuitous mistake to divine intervention.
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