A Musical Field Guide To National Bird Day

Today is National Bird Day, and we are all gonna celebrate. Every year bird enthusiasts pick this day to promote bird watching, XTREME bird watching, bird adoption, and just plain ol' loving the unholy hell out of birds. All kidding aside, the holiday is dedicated to raising awareness about the fact that almost 12 percent of the world's birds may face extinction in the next century, especially parrots.

To get into the spirit of the holiday, Rocks Off has written a guide to music industry avians in order that you may be able to spot these elusive creatures.


This species of swan migrated to North America from Iceland in the 1980s, and spread slowly but surely until it became quite common. The swan is known for its beautiful, if somewhat bizarre song. It mostly inhabits awards shows and independent film soundtracks, and should not under any circumstances be provoked.

When it or its young is threatened, the Bjork Swan has been known to peck the eyeballs straight from the sockets of its offenders. The Swan's egg doubles as a change purse.

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