A "New-Old" New Order Album? We'll Take It!

While we all wait for the remaining members of New Order to do more expansive touring (read: Houston or Austin and not just Dallas) or record new material, their camp released a mini-album from the Waiting For the Sirens' Call sessions in 2004.

For now, we will take what we can get.

Lost Sirens was released digitally on January 15, comprising eight "new" songs that were supposed to be released soon after Waiting came out almost eight years ago. Waiting itself was 12 tracks long, and the band made eyes toward a double album at the time, but it didn't happen.

Drummer Stephen Morris was happy to get these eight cuts to the public.

"The intention was always to write four or five more songs and then put it out 18 months or so after the first one," he said in a press release. "When we unearthed it from the cupboard recently, with the intention of red-editing some of the songs, we all agreed they didn't actually need it, and it should just be out there."

The Lost Sirens track "Hellbent" was released on a Joy Division/New Order retrospective in 2011 as the lone unreleased song, and the response was good so the rest of the Sirens stuff was ushered out.

Here is the album in full. It fits well within the NO universe I think.

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