A Showcase of Cute Things Hating Bad Music

"Through their own words they will be exposed / They've got a sudden case of the Emperor's New Clothes."

-- Sinéad O'Connor

Surely you've heard the story of how a rich and powerful ruler was duped by a con man who pretended to weave magnificent garments visible only to those who weren't stupid, and then went parading around town naked as a jaybird until a small child too young to know that calling rulers on their bullshit is a one-way ticket to a Judas Cradle shouted out, "Dude, boss man's royal prerogative is flopping in the sunbeams," thus revealing the gullibility of the king and his subjects.

Author's note: Longest run-on sentence yet? Editor's note: Nope, your last one beats it by five words. Author's note: Alas. Editor's note: Sigh.

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