A Smiling/Grimacing Scott Weiland Takes You To His "Winter Wonderland"

A few weeks back I applauded Scott Weiland's Christmas album, The Most Wonderful Time of the Year, for it's charming weirdness. It had his signature raspy Stone Temple Pilots baritone, a modern Bing Crosby vibe, and just the right amount of creep to at least warrant three spins in the middle of October. I dug it then and I dig it now.

So imagine my excitement today when the first video premieres from the album and Weiland is sporting one of those new-fangled Hitler Youth haircuts and he looks like Gary Oldman's Lee Harvey Oswald from JFK. The video is your standard holiday clip, with Weiland attempting his best '50s alpha male Mad Men smile.

His face in the clip, clean-shaven, free of his usual week growth, is a cross between LOH and the smiling boner-pill popping guy from the Enzyte commercials. It's all too exciting, even if Weiland looks to be in deep, physical pain.

Judge for yourself, does he look like a handsome husband from the Atomic Age, ruling with his grin, or is he a Westworld robot programmed to enjoy WASP-y, generic holiday times celebrating a dead human deity?

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