A Tom Waits Warmup

Not long now, people. Simmer down.

To tide you over, here's the setlist from Waits' show last Tuesday at Phoenix's Orpheum Theater. Thanks to whoever posted this on Hands Up Houston.

Lucinda (Orphans) Hoist That Rag (Real Gone) Come On Up to the House (Mule Variations) Jesus Gonna Be Here (Bone Machine) November (Beautiful Maladies) Black Market Baby (Mule Variations) Rain Dogs (Rain Dogs) Trampled Rose (Real Gone) Goin Out West (Bone Machine) Murder in the Red Barn (Bone Machine) Anywhere I Lay My Head (Rain Dogs) Cemetery Polka (Rain Dogs) Get Behind the Mule (Mule Variations) The Eyeball Kid (Mule Variations) Christmas Card from a Hooker in Minneapolis (Blue Valentine) Invitation to the Blues (Small Change) Innocent When You Dream (Frank's Wild Years) Lie to Me (Orphans) Chocolate Jesus (Mule Variations) Make It Rain (Real Gone)


Way Down in the Hole (Frank's Wild Years) God's Away on Business (Blood Money) Time (Rain Dogs)

Tick-tock, tick-tock... - Chris Gray

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