Houston Music

A Very Special Behind The Music: Zack Attack!

Everyone remembers Zack Attack. A lighthearted, tween-oriented pop group from California, they shot to the top of the charts in November 1990 with their No. 1 hit, "Friends Forever."

Teenagers and close friends themselves, they displayed an easy chemistry the likes of which few manufactured pop groups of the time (or since) could duplicate. Lead singer and songwriter Zack Morris credited this bond between them as the driving force behind their success, and the reason for their later disastrous failure.

Morris and drummer Albert Clifford "A.C." Slater had been rivals for the affection of bandmate and lead keytar player Kelly Kapowski since early on in their friendship, a rivalry which caused much tension on the road in support of their massively successful debut album, Friends Forever.

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John Seaborn Gray