A World Naked Gardening Day Playlist

Now, World Naked Gardening Day isn't the kind of thing I'm really going to get behind with anything remotely resembling gusto. It's not the being naked part that irks me, it's the gardening.

When one typically putters in the garden, there is usually sunlight involved, and as a dedicated goth, I barely let the Yellow Hurty Thing touch my public bits, let alone my pale penis. So know from the outset that this is all theoretical for me.

That being said, some of you may enjoy nudity and botany in tandem, and every May there is a holiday just for you. World Naked Gardening Day was founded in 2005 by Mark Storey and Daniel Johnson. Sponsored by a popular nudist group, WNGD aims to celebrate weed control, flower planting and hedge-trimming (Ed. Note: Don't even think about it, One F), all while proudly displaying the body God gave you and Ronald McDonald ruined.

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