AC/DC Finally Comes to iTunes: What You Should Listen to First

Today Aussie rockers AC/DC announced that they are finally coming to Apple's iTunes music store, following longtime holdouts the Beatles and Metallica. The other big iTunes absentee, Garth Brooks, is probably waiting to join the Apple cult when he reportedly goes on tour in late 2013.

Yeah, you read that right.

AC/DC brings with them 16 newly remastered studio albums, four live albums and three compilations all ready for your buying, downloading and listening pleasure.

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The addition comes just in time for Thanksgiving, when most of you will be traveling down that highway to hell, or family dinner. Plus with the band's line of wine (see above) you already have the perfect musical pairing lined up.

But for all of you novices out there who don't celebrate the birth of original AC/DC singer Bon Scott like a personal holiday, or have Back In Black imprinted into your DNA, or only know them from a superhero movie soundtrack, I have culled together a list of the five AC/DC albums you should download before anything else.

First off, can I just get it out there that my favorite AC/DC song is "Big Gun" from the Last Action Hero soundtrack? For that matter, you should also get that album too if you can. And buy the movie too.

In the interest of being progressive, I will just state here that you should all own Back In Black in some shape or form anyhow, so you shouldn't be re-buying it in 2012. Unless you are a strip-club DJ and lost the files off your laptop.

High Voltage (1975) The band's debut album opens with a cover of "Baby Please Don't Go," which still makes my blood jump and my bones shake. Malcolm Young's guitar work is simply demonic, as it should be. Be sure to pair this with '74 Jailbreak for a double dose of smut.

Let There Be Rock (1977) The title track is the thing here. I once heard this on a classic-rock station in California on a dreadfully boring day, and I think I re-lost my musical virginity.

Highway to Hell (1979) "Touch Too Much" has the nastiest drums you have ever heard, and the promo clip features Bon Scott wearing the mother of all sleeveless denim vests.

Powerage (1978)"Sin City" and "Gone Shootin'" will make even the puniest child into a man within five minutes. Most rock fans will sing the praises of AC/DC for Angus Young alone, but the scummy drumming of Phil Rudd made the band shine.

Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap (1976) And then there are times when nothing will do but "Big Balls" to brighten your day. Sometimes you need "Ride On" to remember that even he-men like Scott had rough days.

For Those About to Rock (We Salute You) (1981) With the death of Scott -- party hard in heaven brother -- came new lead singer Brian Johnson, who is still the "new guy" for a big portion of AC/DC fans young and old. This was their follow-up to Back In Black. This one isn't as flashy as that behemoth, but it's a great effort nonetheless.

Live (1992) This 1992 live album helped solidify the band's legend for their newest crop of fans, those of us weaned on Beavis & Butt-head on MTV. AC/DC wasn't just a name on a cartoon character's shirt, but a real, live, fire-breathing animal.


The Razors Edge (1990) Don't hate. The first three cuts -- "Thunderstruck," "Fire Your Guns," "Moneytalks" -- make for a decadent and hooky triple threat. Yes, all very hammy, but "Thunderstruck" reminds me of the Houston Texans and then I have to bro out for a few minutes watching game footage on YouTube.

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