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AC/DC to Piledrive Wrestlemania

Do people still watch professional wrestling? We stopped watching when the Rock left to make awful mummy movies and Stone Cold Steve Austin started fighting women instead of other dudes in black Speedos. That, and we graduated high school.

Nonetheless, World Wrestling Entertainment's Wrestlemania XXV is hitting Reliant Stadium April 25, and AC/DC will be the musical guest. WWE CEO Linda McMahon announced at a press conference last week that the classic rockers would be performing the theme song to the event. (No word yet on what song they will be performing or if they will be putting on a mini-concert before or after the matches.) It seems plausible that would at least trot out some of new album Black Ice to a fresh audience; AC/DC sold out Toyota Center a little more than a month ago.

The last time Wrestlemania was in town (2001), it was held at the Astrodome. The event broke attendance records for the complex and Wrestlemania itself, with almost 68,000 fans packing the Dome. This was during the sport's last heyday, when people like the Rock were hosting Saturday Night Live, ratings for WWE events were astronomical and a she-hulk like Chyna could release a sex-tape.

A few weeks before the main event off Fannin, WWE bought out its rival World Championship Wrestling, adding to the spectacle. The Rock lost the WWE heavyweight title that night to Stone Cold, after Stone Cold turned into a heel (bad guy) and hit the Rock in the head with a big metal chair.

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Craig Hlavaty
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