ACL 2009: Best Tweets Of The Weekend

Armed with our sort-of handy cellphone we were able to Tweet from ground level at the festival, with sometimes hilarious and vulgar results. Mostly the latter, because we are foul people. Over time, our Twitter updates devolved into angry rants, as you will see below.

@hprocksoff sez:

Oh god they really did fix the grass out on Zilker. I wanna take acid and lay on it for years.

Beatles Rock Band is set up in a tent by Xbox360. Thanks for copping our hustle, you dicks.

Some of these cats at Coheed couldn't get more stoned if they were found guilty of adultery in the Bible.

Mind Eraser No Chaser. Grohl is in full Animal mode. You haven't seen this since In Utero.

Washington Ave puked all over the Kings Of Leon set. Surrealz ya'll.

Just saw me and Mr. Chris Gray on the local access channel. "This mohawked man..." they called him. I looked like a 70's porno cop.

I wonder how many dudes will cry during Bon Iver? Or break-up. They are the Judas Priest of sad bastards.

Rain and Bon Iver go together like whiskey and shotguns.

Saw a peculiar fellow who looked like he wanted to sell someone a mogwai which would totally suck in the rain.

Come to think of it bro-dudes are like mogwai in the way they turn into Jager gremlins.

Mos Def. I have no snark left. Whatever comes out after tonight will either be dripping love or the hate of a thousand suns.

The gnashing of teeth and glowsticks has started in the Ghostland crowd. Lots of 'My Dad Owns a Dealership' going on.

The rain is bouncing off da lasers. Good call God! I always knew you were a closet raver. That explains dinosaurs I guess.

This bitch smells like a stable. I smell like Axe and hate. Thanks for asking.

Up and alive to see another day. My shoes look like I work in a slaughterhouse for mud people.

Hell is Fred Schneider singing. He is my Scott Stapp. I would tour with Creed for two years if it meant I never had to see Fred.

You know what band I dug this weekend? Warm Shower And Dry Non-Soiled Clothes.

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