ACL 2009 Day One: Coheed & Cambria Prog Out With Their Fro's Out

Mid-afternoon on Friday, prog-metallers Coheed & Cambria hit the stage for an hour of guitar histrionics and lead singer Claudio Sanchez's trademark Geddy Lee-style banshee's wail. With a signature sound that usuals coats the walls of any indoor venue the band plays, C&C's clamor was lost somewhere out in the massive confines of Zilker Park.

This is in no way an indictment of the band, who are more than capable of inflicting a proper audio shellacking when needed. It was just the band's vibe and overall presentation was lost on the ACL audience in general, who we worry were more than likely getting their landclaim on for the fratty and caucasian Thievery Corporation/Kings Of Leon double shot to come on that LIVESTRONG stage later in the evening.

To see the band unfurl "Welcome Home" like a carpet made of sludge and bloody frets is one of those modern musical wonders one must see at least once. Nearly five years after it's debut, the song still gives us the chills.

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