ACL Fest Recap, Day 2: LCD Soundsytem And Bachelorette Cops

For more LCD photos and lots more besides, see our slideshow here.

LCD Soundsystem is not a band. It's a six-headed snake, that glides and slithers. It's as if when they perform live they are all mentally tethered into a computer. Saturday night's Budweiser stage show had us doing the white-boy dance, mingling with a bachelorette party dressed like cops, and singing along to the band's decadent lyrics and scumbag glitter.

Led by James Murphy and opening with "Dance Yrself Clean," the band performed an hour set geared to your hips and your thighs. The material from this year's This Is Happening shows a definitive use of groove not seen in the band's last album Sound Of Silver. This album goes for throat lyrically and gets locked into Krautrock benders at every turn.

For most of the set, the sun was in the band's face, and Murphy made light (har har) of the fact that he was the asshole wearing sunglasses onstage. "Drunk Girls" became all the more true by the drunk girls in the crowd, especially the crew of bachelorettes donning fake moustaches and officer clothing behind us.

The biting, almost Queens Of The Stone Age by way of Giorgio Moroder snarl of "You Wanted A Hit" morphed directly and seamlessly into "Tribulations," the point where the band and the crowd hit on a symbiotic state.

Closer "Home", for which Houston's own Funwunce made a video, had us wishing we were back in Houston, but only for a few minutes. We left, though, proclaiming Murphy our new hero.

If only we could show the same swagger in our daily life, even in the shower, which we haven't had since Friday morning.

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Join the Press community and help support independent local journalism in Houston.