Austin City Limits

ACL Notebook Dump, Pt. 2: Measuring Time Mars Volta-Style, Led Zeppelin Rumors and More

Photo by Dawn Jones-Garcia

Nope. No Page. Just Plant.
* C3 and Capitol Metro have really improved their shuttle-bus efficiency. Granted, both the Mars Volta and Manu Chao were far from through when I left the park, but the line never stalled for more than about 30 seconds. In fact, it took almost exactly one Mars Volta song between entering the queue and boarding the bus.

* Even so, I discovered a much smoother transportation plan Saturday and Sunday. I parked in the parking garage at the old Palmer Auditorium site (now home to Palmer Events Center and the super-swanky new performing-arts complex the Long Center) for $7 - parking downtown was at least $10 - and caught a pedicab to the park for $20 a pop. Worth every penny.

* A friend told me Friday night Jimmy Page was in town and there was going to be a surprise Led Zeppelin reunion after the Foo Fighters finished. Rumors like this are a big reason why a lot of people go to festivals in the first place, and this was a little bit more plausible than most, considering Jack White was in the house and Dave Grohl would be a perfect fill-in on drums. As it was, I kept waiting for Robert Plant to walk out during the Raconteurs, where my friend Geoff told me he heard Plant had agreed to tour with Zep next summer. Who knows?

* Nearby flags I saw while watching John Fogerty: Stars and Stripes with the stars arrayed in a piece sign; double flag of a Dallas Cowboys helmet and mug of beer; Union Jack; U.S. Navy; Texas flag and 1824 Alamo flag; Mexican flag (nearest); California state flag; peace sign. The best one of the weekend, though, was a gigantic Houston Oilers flag. Saw quite a few Astros caps in the crowd as well. - Chris Gray

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