Austin City Limits

ACL Pix: More Scenes from Zilker

As the first night of ACL rolls on, a few more sightings from the festival crowds:

He was from Scotland. Oddly enough. I was totally waiting to toss off some "Duh-Duh, what a loser" caption thing, but his being Scottish humbled me. Those guys are like Texans with brass balls. More after the jump...

Another in our hipster clothing series, we see this specimen jauntily walking along with a Brazilian fanny pack. Top that.

And the match goes to "Sven" a foreign exchange student who stole today's wardrobe from his sponsor family's teenage daughter.

I am Mulletaur!

When the trust fund checks run out, you can always cut up Mom's suede jacket and sell stuff in front of the venue to buy mescaline and licorice whips.

"Meet me at the stick. Yeah, just a stick. It's about 10 feet high and it's long. The flag? Flags are for posers."

"When we said that 'A lucid home/Anecdote settles/In the smear of this corpse' we meant that relationships are hard and take understanding."

Yeah, if you're walking around drinking a bottle of wine at an outdoor festival you are either like a super badass, or the ghost of Dudley Moore.

This is me and Elijah Wood, star of such films as "North" and "Radio Flyer". He told me that the Iggy Pop movie was on hold for now, but he's still down for it. He smelled good. -- Craig Hlavaty

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