ACL: Smoking Ban Openly Flouted At Zilker Park, But Ah Hell What Did You Expect?

Check out all of our coverage from ACL 2011, including our hottest crowd shots and our slideshow from Friday featuring Kanye West and Coldplay.

For the most part this year's drought and wildfire-related smoking ban at ACL is being followed, but during Friday's festivities it wasn't hard to find fans smoking to their hearts content on the grounds, or in the case above, on the ground.

It seems to be only really deterring those folks who aren't already heavy daily smokers from getting their fix. Tourists to the cigs don't seem to be taking extra steps to smoke. The areas outside the venue which are open to three-day pass holders to smoke aren't full of angry, put-out puffers either.

As we had into day two of ACL, and an outside chance of more drizzle like we saw yesterday midday, don't expect to stop seeing lit cigarettes in the hands of fest-goers. If anything, we expect this ban to be good indication that in the coming years smoking itself will more than likely get banned altogether.

Expect for pot. Because that's just crazy, right?

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