ACL: The Rain Came Down, To The Delight Of Thousands

Check out all of our coverage from ACL 2011, including our hottest crowd shots and our slideshow from Saturday with Stevie Wonder and Alison Krauss.

Yesterday at about midday at Zilker, a front of dark clouds began drizzling on us during J. Roddy Walston & The Business' set at the ginormo Bud Light, and the rain continues off and on until later in the afternoon. It was a welcome sight and feeling after months now of the jerky-making conditions here in Texas, plunging the Lone Star lands into a drought.

Festival-goers immediately began looking for ponchos and raincoats, with thoughts of 2009's muddy affair coming back to them. Though we could be mistaken and maybe rain preparedness is a trend now. There were wet spots around Zilker, and maybe some muddy puddles, but everyone stayed relatively clean. Except for the guy who looked at our arms and just uttered "Mushrooms?" near sundown.

The most constant rain patches occurred during Alison Krauss & Union Station's superb set, and the band struck up "Rain Please Go Away" to the delight of the crowd of Texans who had spent the past summer praying for rain to come around. Rumors had abounded that newly-minted Austin resident Robert Plant would appear with Krauss, but we left Plant-less, though a bluegrass "When The Levee Breaks" would have made falling in mud ala 2009 very much worth the cleaning bill.

By the time people became used to the rain and it's presence, the smoking ban seemed to have been canceled out unofficially in their own minds and the cigs came back out in legion.

As far as Sunday goes, rumor has it that rain will be making an appearance again. Stay tuned for sweet, sweet mud-wrestling shots.

Or not.

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