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Acres Homes on National TV Right Now

Hold your nose and tune into Fox News right now, and you may see some familiar territory. TMZ and just about every other news outlet on the planet are rapt as federal agents rifle through the Acres Homes offices of Dr. Conrad Murray, the local physician who is all caught up in the controversy surrounding Michael Jackson's death last month. The cloud of suspicion surrounding Murray is about as thick as the July humidity, causing his attorney, Edward Chertoff, to release the following statement:

"The coroner wants to clear up the cause of death; we share that goal. Based on Dr. Murray's minute-by-minute and item-by-item description of Michael Jackson's last days, he should not be a target of criminal charges."

Be that as it may, Rocks Off has the feeling that if someone's gonna swing for this, Murray is about the ideal scapegoat.

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