Screwston, Texas

After a Decade, Lost Screwed Up Click Album The Take Over Comes to Light

The dream seemed dead.

John Hawkins, a man blessed with the voice of a preacher and the mind of a rap savant, known as Big H.A.W.K., was gone. The one major cog in the machine that was the Screwed Up Click after DJ Screw's tragic passing in 2000 had been taken from the Earth.

Two years after H.A.W.K., Big Moe followed him, a victim of his own gargantuan physical presence but also a noted addiction to codeine cough syrup. Back then, it seemed more than ever that the Click would perish into memory, emblazoned on T-shirts and through a litany of freestyles, grey tapes and recordings DJ Screw had left over the years. The SUC's individual members would no doubt rep the flag, but as a collective? A rarity, if anything.

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